• Bont-Custom-Hybrid-Carbon

    Bont Custom Hybrid Starting @ $320

    Ultra light weight , super fast skate, fully heat moldable.
    Leather soles flex, and this flex absorbs your energy. A Bont boot does not flex, hence all of your power is transferred to the skating floor. Carbon fiber is as strong as steel, yet weighs almost nothing. Imagine the difference you will feel skating on a boot made with carbon fiber that is fully heat mouldable for a custom, comfy fit... Lighter, stronger, faster. Your endurance and agility will both improve dramatically

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    Ontario’s Bont Skate Dealer

    Your source for Bont skates and apparel. We take pride in the products we sell and we back them 100%

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    Bont Custom Skate Options

    Learn all about the options you can choose when you order custom Bont skates from Wheeliegirls.  Your Bonts can have custom leather, trim, lace and event stitching colours.

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